Details of How it Works

With over 20 years of experience in the industry, at Ezy Cash Loans, we offer best advise and right value for your valuables.

Your items will remain in storage with Easy Cash Loans under secure conditions, until the loan is repaid. Once the loan has been repaid in full, it will be returned to you unconditionally and free of charge.

You can pay back the loan against your items to Easy Cash Loans at any time during the agreed period simply by paying off the loan amount and the outstanding interest due.

You will only pay interest due on the amount that is outstanding for the loan term e.g. should you pay the loan back to Ezy Cash Loans in one month, then you will only pay one month’s interest on top of the original amount lent to you (loan principle). If you pay the loan back after two months, then you will only pay two month’s interest plus the loan principle and so on.

Ezy Cash Loans have no extra fees, charges or penalties for early redemption.

You may be able to renew the loan term at any time, simply by paying off the outstanding interest due and start again with a new loan contract against your items.

Ezy Cash Loans accepts most forms of payment when you pay back the loan. These include bank transfers or cash.

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“EZY CASH LOANS offers immediate cash loans based on your item’s highest market value. We are a trusted and established name in Auckland for giving the best value for your valuable assets.”